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joi, 9 decembrie 2010

Actiunile Fundatiei EMA - Emergency Medical Assistance – Baia Mare au depasit granitele Romaniei inca de acum doi ani, Belgia si Elvetia fiind doua tari europene de unde au si sosit in mai multe randuri ajutoare substantiale atat pentru organizatie, cat si pentru populatia pe care organizatia o deserveste voluntar.

De data aceasta insa, in cursul lunii octombrie 2010, se poate spune ca EMA a "traversat" Oceanul, organizatia fiind remarcata de catre Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem din Statele Unite ale Americii, care, pe langa misiuni religioase, desfasoara programe medicale umanitare oriunde e nevoie pe mapamond. Una dintre cele mai recente actiuni ale reprezentantilor Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem a avut loc in India.

"Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem", prin d-l Barry Garland (Prince Grand Master), a transmis in mod oficial catre Fundatia EMA - Emergency Medical Assistance Baia Mare atat felicitari fondatorului si presedintelui organizatiei, dr. Emanuel Baciu, cat si dorinta de sustinere a activitatilor voluntarilor romani. Pe viitor se doreste demararea unor proiecte comune de ajutor a celor in nevoie atat din Romania, cat si din lume.

Fundatia EMA isi exprima recunostinta fata de increderea oferita de catre "Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem", organizatie cu o vechime de secole si cu membrii marcanti in decursul existentei sale!
fundatia EMA

miercuri, 8 decembrie 2010

Action for Life 5 team visiting Romania
5th of January -12 of February 2011

Solomon Adane
Country: Ethiopia
Education/profession: Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, instructor
"Do you think you can trust your enemy for a week?" I found this question in an AfL newsletter crucial as the young generation in Ethiopia are losing trust in every aspect of their lives. I wish I could ask Nelson Mandela this question. What is the key to trusting your enemies? While I do not know the answer, I hope AfL5 will prepare me to find an answer, so that I can share it with the youngsters of Ethiopia who are about to be lost due to a lack of self knowledge and trust.

Heejin Choi
Country: South Korea
Education/Profession: Diploma of Japanese Language/IofC Volunteer
I volunteered with Japan IofC, and through this opportunity I have found myself in peace and love. I wish everyone in this world could find happiness inside and I want to give this positive energy to others. I want to bring this idea to the people around me and help them to think about their own life. Through AfL5 I can learn how to make this world a better place. I believe it gives me strength to follow my direction.

Joo-pyin Ch'ng (Ru)
Country: Malaysia
Profession: Program Planning/Management/Organization/Executive
After high school, I wanted to take Fine Arts, but because of the expensive fees, I chose Journalism and Communication. I wanted to go far away from home but, because of the bad environment in college, I didn't finish my studies, and again I ran away. I started working, and I planned after 2-3 year I would save enough money to go back to study. 15 years later I am still trying to save the money! My dream is to study Aesthetic Education and Art Management, and I want to work hard for it. In the past I have tried thinking and living as I wanted, but now I am trying to think and live as God wants.

Nhat Nguyen
Country: Vietnam
Education/Profession: B.A. International Business/ Training program assistant, IofC Vietnam core member
I'm working in the training field with a vision to help everyone unleash their potentials, especially the youth. I have been involved in IofC Vietnam for more than 3 years, and the spirit of "change" makes me realize that I must be a model of change in order to engage others. I believe AFL5 is a great opportunity, as well as a challenge, to sharpen my skills, give me direction and the inspiration to become a change maker for my team and my community.

Alexander Birnberg
Country: Australia/Belgium
Education/Profession: BA Arts/ IofC Full Time Volunteer
I believe that the Action for Life program is one of the few opportunities we have to really discover ourselves, find new meaning and see our life in the context of world issues. For this reason I am passionately committed to making this opportunity available to another generation of young people eager to see their role for a better world.

Yeonyuk Jeong
Country: South Korea
Profession: IofC Full Time Volunteer
I have been involved with AfL since its beginning. I believe that the inter-generational teamwork is necessary and essential, and I have experienced this in the core/ support team. AfL gives an unforgettable life long experience and friendship on the road, which helps build onto a network of change makers. The AfLer finds a calling in life through a journey within and changing oneself.

Sheila Andren
Country United Kingdom
Profession Retired Medical Doctor
I have been involved with Initiatives of Change for 35 years. I worked in East Europe with my late husband, who wrote the F4F Changing Course and I have also helped to coordinate Caux Interns during the summer sessions in Caux. I hope that my experiences of change and of life might be of help with AfL5 during their time in East Europe.

P.S. : Avand in vedere ca este un program de voluntariat, cine are idei de activitati, posibilitati de cazare(in familii), gateshte bine, etc... dati un semn.